Few Best Alternatives to Github

Being into software development we frequently find ourselves in need to host our code. For the purpose, crowds are blindly following one single medium for this, Github. It can’t be denied that Github users have their choice to use either Git or Subversion for version control. Conjointly there is a facility of unlimited public code repository for all users of Github. Another fascinating feature of Github is that allows to create ‘organizations’, which at its own is a normal account but at least one user account is required to be listed as the owner of the organization.

Apart from providing desktop application for Windows and OSX, Github also offers the facility to its users and organizations to host one website and unlimited project pages for free on the Github’s website.

Choosing a code repository hugely depends on what you require for a repository and how much can it cater to, if not all. Choosing a repository hosting service might not seem like a big deal. But the repo host you choose can have serious consequences for your developers’ productivity and ability to build great products.

1. Bitbucket


The Bitbucket comes just next to it in terms of usage and global popularity. Bitbucket also provides a free account for the users and organizations as well with limit for five users. Also, it provides access to unlimited private and public repos. One of the features which is noteworthy is its allowance for the users to puch their files using any of the Git client/Git command line.

The domain for your hosted website on Bitbucket will look something like: accountname.bitbucket.org and domain for that of project pages will be like: accountname.bitbucket.org/project. On the other hand Bitbucket also allows its users to use their own domain name for their website.

2. GitLab


GitLab’s sub-motto seems to be “Better than GitHub”, ironic for a project that is itself hosted on Github. One if its unique features is that you can install GitLab onto your own server. This gives you the option of using GitLab on a custom domain as well as with a custom host. GitLab also claims to handle large files and repositories better than GitHub. GitLab also lets users have unlimited public AND private repos for free. Also GitLab facilitates its users by providing automated testing and code delivery so that a user can do more work in lesser time without waiting for the tests to pass manually.

3. Beanstalk


Beanstalk as another good Github alternative but it is not free. It lets you try it out for 2 weeks free of cost, after which you need to pay. Its cheapest package “Bronze” costs $15 and allows up to 5 users, 3 GB storage and a maximum of 10 repositories. Subversion and Git Version Control Systems are supported by Beanstalk.

4. Kiln


Kiln is a paid source code host developed by Fog Creek, unlike Github Kiln is not a free source to host your software or website. You can try Kiln (with all the bells and whistles) for 30 days trial period, after that users need to upgrade to the premium version (minimum $18 a month) in order to continue working with Kiln. You will need to pay separately for the Code Review Module. Overall, Kiln is more suited for medium to large organizations of 100 -500 people. You will need to pay separately for the Code Review Module. Overall, Kiln is more suited for medium to large organizations of 100 -500 people.
Kiln makes a domain for your company at companyname.kilnhg.com

5. Codeplane

Codeplane is again a paid service, which offers a 30 day free trial.

Codeplane’s VCS -of choice is Git. It allocates 2 GB for your repositories with no limits on users or number of repositories at $9 a month. Suitable for small companies and freelancing teams. Codeplane also automatically takes a backup of your repositories and stores them in the Amazon S3.


Comparison Table
Here is a complete comparison of all the features across all 8 source code hosts discussed in this article:

Features Github Bitbucket Gitlab Beanstalk Kiln Codeplane
Pricing* Free Free Free $15/mo $18/mo $9/mo
Private Repo Paid Unlimited, Free Unlimited, Free 10 Paid Unlimited, Paid
Public Repo Unlimited, Free Unlimited, Free Unlimited, Free 10 Paid Unlimited, Paid
Storage Limit 1GB per repo 2GB None 3GB None 2GB
Users Unlimited 5 & Unlimited if public Unlimited 5 5 Unlimited
VCS Git, SVN Git, Hg Git Git, SVN Git, Hg Git
Graphs Yes No Yes No No No
Web Hosting Static sites. Page generator Static sites Static No Yes No
Code Review Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Wiki Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Bug Tracking Yes (Login Required) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Discussion Forum No No No $15/mo No No

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