Github free users can avail unlimited private repositories now!

GitHub is by far the most popular way to share code. That said, one weakness of the platform is that it limits who can create private repositories – that is, software projects that aren’t visible to the broader public, and are shared only with a handful of pre-defined collaborators – to paying users.

Days are over now! Yay!

No you can create unlimited free private repositories.

How to query data out of the box using Spring data JPA by both Sort and Pageable

Spring Boot

Developing REST API? Clients wants both sort & pagination?

That’s quite simple btw!

Since last few hours was trying to add this simple feature my Spring Boot project. In my project pagination was done using pageable

In this tutorial I’m gonna show how to achieve this.

Let’s copy the code from below:

public List<Model> getAllData(Pageable pageable){
       List<Model> models= new ArrayList<>();
       return models;
//Model = Your Model where you want to implement this feature. 

That’s all! We’re done!
If you’ve any confusion please let me know 🙂